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Dr. Sherif S. Tawfik
Dr. Alan Benheim
Dr. Sharon S. Karr
Dr. Jin H. Park


Dr. Sherif Tawfik
Dr. Alan Benheim
Dr. Sharon S. Karr
Dr. Jin H. Park

Dr. Annette K. Ansong

ICAEL Accredited

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Consultation & Follow-Up Care

Our services include evaluation and treatment of suspected heart disease in the fetus, infant, child, and teenager.  Adults with a wide variety of congenital heart defects are seen in our practice.

Our ICAEL-certified echocardiography lab is available for standard transthoracic and fetal echocardiograms.  Other services include exercise stress testing, electrocardiograms, 24-hour Holter monitoring, event recordings, and transesophageal echocardiography.  The doctors are routinely asked to see athletes who have been identified with possible heart problems during sport preparticipation screening evaluations.

All of our physicians care for infants, children and young adults with cardiovascular disease.  Some of their particular interests include the following:

  • Dr. Tawfik specializes in diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization for babies, children, and adults with congenital heart disease.
  • Dr. Karr, Dr. Park, Dr. Ansong, and Dr. Chambers specialize in the evaluation and management of the fetal heart during pregnancy.
  • Dr. Tawfik have developed expertise in the medical evaluation and management of adults with congenital heart disease.